Last time we talked about some of our best advice for people who are new to working out. Whether it’s a long hiatus or you’ve never really been a fan of exercise, there are lots of things to keep in mind when you’re getting on the workout wagon.

If it’s been a while for you and you’re not sure what it’s going to be like, here are some ideas of what to expect for exercise beginners. Remember to talk to a doctor before you get started!

woman working out



Exercise purposefully fatigues your body to make you stronger. That means you will feel pooped while exercising in the beginning, and any time when you really push yourself. That’s normal. It’s typical to do cardio and feel too winded to have a conversation, but you shouldn’t feel nauseated. You don’t want to work out so hard that you lose your lunch or pass out, so pay attention to any feelings beyond fatigue. That’s a sign to stop and let your heart rate come down.

Good Sleep

Whether it’s a new strength training routine or endurance training like starting a run/walk schedule for a 5k, you will likely be getting some great sleep. That’s a definite benefit to working out: your body needs rest to rebuild, so lots of people report that they sleep like a log when they’re working out regularly.


It’s counterintuitive to some people. You’d think that exercising would make you always feel tired, right? Not so! Exercising starts to get your heart beating more efficiently, you’re sleeping better, hopefully this change has improved your eating habits and hydration, and you may find that you are way energized. We regularly hear from people who say that they started working out and gave up coffee because they woke up feeling great in the morning and just plain didn’t need caffeine any more. If you’re new to exercise and you always feel tired and fatigued, even on rest days, that’s usually a sign that you’re going too hard and need to dial it back and work in some more time off or lower intensity to make sure your body is adapting appropriately. Talk to your doctor and trainer about your energy levels.

Faster Results

When someone has been exercising for many years, or when someone loses a lot of weight and gets closer to their goal, it can be really hard to see even small changes. That’s normal, and that’s why it’s so hard for people to stay motivated to lose ten pounds or less, or to make other small changes in their physique. When someone is new to exercise, the opposite is true. You may find that you shed pounds pretty easily. Most people are shocked at how much endurance they can gain in a few weeks. For instance, a beginner 5k plan usually allots about two months to go from running just 60 seconds at a time to being able to run most or all of the 5k (3.1 miles). That’s because you can make your body stronger and more efficient pretty fast if you stick with a plan and push through. It’s not going to be the same for everyone, but it’s one of the benefits of being new is that you can really feel those gains.

We hope that you have come to Club Metro to learn more about us and gain some of our insight into what it’s like to make fitness a part of your daily life. Talk to us any time about getting started, or see how we can help make sure that your transition into being your healthiest self is happy and supported!