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We likely all have fitness goals, whether you want to get stronger, push your accomplishments to the next level, or lose weight. Achieving those goals alone, however, can be an added challenge. Joining a gym can give you the support and the amenities you need to see better and faster results, but only if you choose the right fitness center for you. In today’s blog entry, we’ll walk you through how to find your perfect gym!

During your search, we hope you consider Club Metro USA. We aspire to be a unique, inspiring, and fun place to work out, and we have a number of convenient locations throughout New Jersey for you to choose from. Read on to determine what you’re looking in your next gym, and contact Club Metro USA today to get a free trial pass!


The first step you should take in your search for the perfect fitness center is determining why you want to join a gym. As we mentioned, joining a gym can add a lot to your fitness routine, but what are the specific benefits you are looking for? Support and motivation from others? Access to more equipment and amenities? Structured programs like personal training? Once you narrow down what you’re looking for, you can move on to the next step: making a list of your criteria.



Now that you know what you want from a fitness center, write it down and refer back to it throughout your search. If you want the motivation of working out with other people, then perhaps you should prioritize finding a gym with group fitness classes. If you want to utilize a gym’s high-quality equipment, decide what type of equipment you are specifically looking for, whether it’s plenty of treadmills or rowing machines. Build your list of must-haves, and use it to narrow down all the possibilities in your area!

You should also think of what else you need from your future gym. Are they open during your preferred workout hours? Do they cater to your preferred sports or activities?

If you are working out immediately before or after other activities, then clean locker rooms and showers may be high on your list. If your concern is refueling, then you may want to prioritize fitness centers with amenities like a juice bar. Picture what you want and what you expect and make sure those items are noted on your list as well. Some items may be more negotiable than others, but that’s up to you!


These days, there is likely no shortage of fitness centers to choose from in your area. How do you narrow it down? Use your list of expectations and must-haves! There are a lot of resources online that can help you learn about potential gyms, from their dedicated websites to social media. Investigate what they have to offer and see how it lines up with what you want.

Once you have a list of those that meet your needs – at least on paper – then it’s time to do a little in-person research. Claim any offers they have for a free trial pass or a couple free classes, and check it out for yourself. Look for part two of this series for more tips on how to make the most of your visit!

Club Metro USA strives every day to meet the needs of our members with high-quality equipment and services at a low price. As you look for your next fitness center, we hope you stop by one of our locations! See what we have to offer, from a wide variety of group fitness classes to special amenities like a juice bar, cardio theater, and Kid’s Club. Contact us to learn more, and visit a gym location near you today!