Young asian woman in sportswear doing squat at health club.

Bodyweight Training 101

Bodyweight training is popular with lots of people—especially beginners or people just getting back on the fitness wagon—because the exercises are simple but challenging and you can do them almost anywhere. More experienced people can still benefit from this type of exercise. Remember that you can add weights or make a movement more difficult, and […]


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5 Tips for Post-Workout Snacks

We covered what to eat before a workout and dispelled a common myth about pre-workout nutrition, but what about after a workout? When you’ve hit the gym and walk away after a good sweat, it’s crucial that you get the nutrition needed to refresh and revitalize, along with promoting recovery. A personal trainer will be […]


CM Aug Foam Roll Blog

What is Foam Rolling and How Do I Start Doing It?

Foam Rolling, also known as Self Myofascial Release (SMR), is a stretching technique used in the fitness industry that provides a wide range of benefits. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or professional athlete, the body develops patterns of movement that can inhibit range of motion, cause overactive muscles, and even cause pain. By using […]


CM Aug Nutrition Blog

What’s The Best Thing To Eat Before A Workout?

One of the biggest weight loss and fitness myths that many people still believe is that you should never eat before a workout. It’s not true, but to some people, it makes perfect sense. Some people believe that skipping food before a workout makes the body burn more fat or calories because you haven’t eaten […]


CM July Blog (1)

Is Your Summer Workout Routine Ready To Go?

Summer. Is. Finally. Here!! We’ve seen our members working their tails off in an effort to perfect their beach bodies, but, summer after summer, we see these same members neglect their workout routines during the summer months. We know that vacations and beach season often get in the way of gym-time, but it’s never easy […]

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