Whether you’re just starting a new fitness routine or you’ve been going to the gym regularly for years, group fitness classes can be a great way to liven up your day and get out of a fitness funk. At Club Metro, our talented instructors lead a variety of fun and effective fitness classes.


If you’ve never tried group exercise classes, you’re missing out. The social atmosphere can help reduce the boredom that often sets in if your fitness routine lacks variety and interaction. The group setting can also help you push through the hard moments instead of giving up. Best of all, your instructor will monitor you for proper form to help you avoid injury and get the most out of each exercise class.

Indoor Cycling “Spin”


Take the bike ride of your life! Instructors will coach you through an invigorating & inspirational ride. Using fun, heart pumping music…you can burn up to 600 calories! Come try this intense cardiovascular workout, riding hills, jumps, racing & more.

Cardio Kickboxing


Combining Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing & Fitness Training, you will burn tons of calories, tone up your entire body, gain confidence & reduce stress. Get those aggressions out while getting the results you’ve been waiting for!

Jillian Michaels “Bodyshred”


A power packed 30 minute circuit created by Fitness celebrity Jillian Michaels. The class is pre-formatted class that will get you fast results.

Awesome Abs


Looking for the ultimate 6 pack? Then this class is a must add to your workout routine! Abdominal & Core training at its best, you’ll strengthen your core while toning & slimming your mid-section giving you great results! You won’t want to miss this one!

Boot Camp


“Ba all you can be” –Military drills, calisthenics, boxing, sports conditioning, strength & endurance training– Everything is included in this power=packed, calorie burning class you will not want to miss!

Silver & Fit


Insurance covered program

Flex-a-Ball Conditioning


A total body sculpting workout using the Stability Ball throughout the entire class. Targeting problem areas…this class will change your body the way you’ve always wanted!



An exhilarating, effective, easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning dance fitness party! It incorporates Hip Hop, Soca, Samba, Salsa, Meringue, Mambo, Martial Arts, Bollywood & Belly Dancing. Come out & join the party!



Flexibility, Mind, and Body (This needs to be worked on)

Strength & Sculpt


Concentrating on strength & endurance, this class will tone & sculpt your entire body. By adding strength training to your workout routine, you will increase muscle mass, lose body fat, all while targeting problem areas, for RESULTS you will LOVE!



Shaun T’s Insanity



Strength training utilizing mobility, balance, & agility. This is a Step based class that incorporates Zumba, Plyometrics, & Agility training.

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