All classes are suitable for all fitness levels with modifications, unless otherwise noted.

At Club Metro USA, we strongly believe in the benefits of group fitness classes. Each of our classes are designed to help keep you motivated and inspired, and to help you push your limits with every workout. We look forward to seeing you in an exercise class soon!

Our new Spring schedule is effective Saturday, April 1, 2017




Fun, dance-based core workout featuring exotic rhythms to high energy, Latin and international beats.



Spirituality and poses of yoga, with intense core work in order to build stamina, flexibility and strength (some classes may also feature Vinyasa Flow).

Total Body


Total body, strength and muscle condition training.



High energy, heart pumping classes using step choreography to keep you moving to the beat of the music.



Indoor cycling class utilizing non-impact, high intensity to build cardiovascular strength and endurance.



Toning and strengthening while increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles through controlled movements done as mat exercises.



High intensity cardio class utilizing heavy bags to strengthen your core in addition to toning your upper body, lower body, and conditioning your heart.

Hardcore Conditioning


Barefoot, full-body boot camp class focusing on core and strength using free weights and/or body resistance.

Core Conditioning


Full body boot camp with an extensive focus on your core.

Cardio & Weights


Medium intensity step class followed by toning with light free weights

Cardio Combo


High intensity cardio class using weights, resistance bands, etc.

Cardio Ball


Total body workout using an exercise ball.



High intensity cardio that uses heavy bags for punching.

Boot Camp


High intensity, total body workout that challenges strength and endurance.



Total body toning class targeting major muscle groups with light weights.

Body Blast


Moderate intensity weight training class using a weighted bar system to achieve a lean body while shaping, toning & strengthening your entire body



Ballet inspired mix of pilates, dances, and yoga

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