Working Out: A Love-Hate Relationship


Not only is February the month of love, it’s also the perfect time to keep your heart healthy for that special Valentine. Whether you’re riding solo or have a special day planned, use this month to focus on your health. Here are some fun and healthy ways to avoid the sugar filled candy hearts and stay fit for those you love.

Weight Training:

Increase your heart rate by weight training. At Club Metro USA, we take care of our equipment just as much as you take care of your body. Use our bars and weights to get that heart racing, which include workouts such as power lifting and circuit training. With power lifting, you want to focus on posture & technique while lifting heavy weights for a short amount of reps. Some types of power lifting are bench presses, dead lifts, and squats. Whether you’re new to this or have some experience, our trainers are always there to answer questions or spot you while you lift.


I know we all have a love-hate relationship when it comes to cardio, but it’s a great way to bring up that heart rate and burn calories. At Club Metro USA, you have multiple options to get your cardio in, both solo and in tandem. We offer state-of-the-art equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, row machines, and one of our favorites, our indoor turf field. A great way to combine all of these things is to use them in a circuit. Start by warming up on the treadmill; You can jog for a few minutes, then increase the speed and give it your all for about two minutes. From there, move onto the elliptical and stride as far and as fast as you can for another two minutes. By now your heart should be racing, but don’t give up! Head over to the row machine and keep burning off those calories. Use these two minutes to get into a fast paced rhythm and focus on your breathing. Now for the fun part: end your workout with some burpees or sprints on our turf field.


The way you feed your body is just as important as how hard you work your body. It’s easy to crave sweets during a holiday like Valentine’s Day, and we’re not saying you should completely cut out sweets – instead, substitute those sugars with natural ones. At the end of your workout, head over to our juice bar and ask for a delicious protein powdered smoothie. Looking to cook for your special someone? Keep warm with a hot & healthy dessert. Slice up some apples, bake them in the oven, add a touch of maple syrup and cinnamon, and add some granola. Voila!

See! Being healthy can be fun and tasty. At Club Metro USA, we love to see couples, families, and friends come in and take care of themselves. Working out is a great way to spend time with someone you love and push each other into pristine shape. Happy Valentine’s Day, and remember, we’ll always be here as your backup valentine!

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