How To Properly Train For A Spartan Race

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After a long, cold winter, the weather is finally beginning to resemble that of springtime. With improved weather, outdoor exercise opportunities like Spartan Races are now more of a reality. Before embarking on your 5K race marred with obstacles, you’ll surely need to ready yourself and practice for any hurdles you may face. Here are some ways to properly prepare yourself for your obstacle course race:


Bump Up Your Cardio:


While many are concerned with the actual obstacles in the race, many forget about the importance of building up your cardio. Not only will you have to concur the 5 kilometers, but people often overlook the difficulty of starting up your cardio again after each of the obstacles. To prepare, we’d recommend beginning with some endurance training: start with a 1-mile run the first week, and bump it up a mile each week until you reach the 6-mile mark. If you conquer your endurance, you’ll conquer the race.


High Intensity Cardio Training:


While your endurance is very important, your sprinting ability will help bring you to the front of the race. With obstacles like hills in your way, your top-speed will be imperative to finishing near the top. To help, sprinkle in sprint or interval workouts weekly to help improve your recovery time AND your overall time.


Strength Training:


Yes, cardio and endurance are essential, but you’re strength will also be tested with the obstacles throughout the race. You may need to climb a fence, carry your partner, or crawl under barbed wire, on top of many other challenges. Add in some push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups as an easy way to expand your strength. Plyometric exercises can also help you in this regard.


Rest Up!


We know you’re excited to hit the ground running in your preparation for your Spartan Race, but don’t overdo it! Make sure you provide yourself with more than enough rest-time to properly recover and allow your muscles the time they need to expand.


Our Club Metro USA personal trainers are available to help guide you on your process. With all of this at your disposal, what’s holding you back?!


Good luck on your race – we can’t wait to hear all about it!

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