How To Best Recover: The Differences Between The Male And Female Body

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Along with the start of spring typically comes an increase in physical activity, especially with summer right around the corner. While many of us focus on our workout routines, the importance of recovery is often overlooked. Recovery from exertion is just as important as training hard.

Most gym-goers don’t place enough emphasis on recovery time, primarily because they don’t understand how and why their bodies need to recover. This article will outline a few key differences in how the male and female bodies recover, according to The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

This study also compared the recovery time required for untrained men and women after hypertrophy-type training sessions focused on the biceps.

First and foremost, trained women experience less muscle damage and recover faster than trained men. Untrained women who are new to working out, however, need more recovery than men.

It turns out, muscle force (the active force generated by muscle contraction in response to external or internal stimuli) decreased immediately after the training session by about 25% in both genders, and although there wasn’t any overt difference in the amount of strength lost immediately after working out, the female body appears to require more recovery time than its male counterpart.

So why does this happen? Research indicates that one possible factor is the history of muscle use – male bodies tend to have experienced more resistance training and muscle force application than female bodies.

Also of note: men typically have a higher inflammatory response than women, which helps to trigger faster muscle regeneration.

One other outcome from the study was that trained muscle, even if not recently trained in the 6 months prior, recover faster than untrained muscle in both genders.

So what can you take away from this study? Your recovery time is absolutely imperative, especially if you’re new to the gym scene. Looking for a leg up on your recovery process? Stop by our all-natural juice bar to grab a protein shake post-workout to make sure you provide yourself with ample time & nutrients to recharge your batteries!

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