CM July Blog

The Best Gym Workouts To Strengthen Your Joints

We all know that a good balance of exercising and dieting leads to improved physical fitness, but few realize the importance of taking care of your joints as well. Your joint health is hugely important, as is strengthening those oft-overlooked areas. Without strong joints, you’ll never be able to reach your full strength potential. Your […]


CM May Blog 2

The Best Exercises To Keep Your Body Young

Mother Nature is undefeated – no matter who you are, your age is bound to catch up to you. Many people become discouraged when they see their body age and do not what to do. The first step is educating yourself on the aging process. We all know that as you age, your body breaks […]



Brand New Club Metro USA Location Opening In Old Bridge, NJ

It’s an exciting time at Club Metro USA! We’re ready to welcome our newest Club Metro facility, located at the Browntown Shopping Center in Old Bridge, NJ. Our Old Bridge Grand Opening is happening on May 20th, 2017, and we’re opening our doors to everyone for free! We’ll have unlimited complimentary classes from 8:30am-2pm, raffles, […]


CM April Recovery Blog

How To Best Recover: The Differences Between The Male And Female Body

Along with the start of spring typically comes an increase in physical activity, especially with summer right around the corner. While many of us focus on our workout routines, the importance of recovery is often overlooked. Recovery from exertion is just as important as training hard. Most gym-goers don’t place enough emphasis on recovery time, […]


CM April Spring Blog 2 (1)

Spring Into Shape With These Beach Body Tips

Finally, spring has sprung! While it might not feel like it just yet, better weather is on the horizon, which means summer is almost here! It’s time to spring into shape with a fresh training routine, so here are a few tips to kick-start your fitness journey: Set Goals: Before you begin, make sure you […]

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