5 Tips For A Better Derriere

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Let’s face it: Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get your beach body ready! One of the questions we’re often asked is: “how can I best improve my butt?”


Well, we’ve heard you loud and clear, so here are the top five ways to get that derriere you’ve always wanted:


1. Take Advantage of Free Weights


It may surprise you, but many gym-goers only focus on cardio and never venture over to our vast variety of free weights. Start by adding light weights to your squats or step-ups. By increasing the weight resistance, you’ll start targeting your glutes even further all while burning even more calories.


2. Workout During Your Daily Routine


Yes, it’s most beneficial for you to find the time to get to the gym. If you can’t however, you can supplement the days you can’t make it to the gym by completing mini-workouts during your day. Try sprinkling in leg lifts or calf raises in between meetings or errands. This will assist you in avoiding those “zero-improvement” days to help you stay the course.


3. Take Your Time


Improving your body does not happen overnight. Take your time while working out by focusing on controlled movement and holding each rep for 30 seconds. By holding at the lowest point of the exercise, you’ll workout your muscles with extra-deep contractions and improve your stability.


4. Stay Positive


Many times, people get discouraged early on because they don’t see immediate improvement. Just remember why you started – to develop your body, and in some cases, to restore your figure to a previous state. It might be your high-school or young adult days, so find a picture of yourself during that time and look at it everyday. This will help remind yourself as to why you embarked on this journey.


5. Don’t Hide Your Butt


It’s not unusual for individuals to cover up a particular body part they are trying to improve, as they may be self-conscious about that area. Don’t do that! Wear yoga pants or tight-fitting shorts to motivate yourself by seeing the improvement as you go!


Yes, cultivating your beach-body takes time. But by following these tips, you’re sure to find yourself with a better butt just in time for Summer.

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