Whether you want that perfect sun-kissed look or you just want to get a little more Vitamin D, Club Metro USA has you covered. Our tanning beds make it easy to squeeze in a tan before or after your workout. Why not give it a try?

Vitamin D –

Our tanning beds are specifically designed to give off UVB rays, exactly the kind your body needs to produce the all-important vitamin D that can be so hard to come by naturally – especially in the winter.

Mood Elevation –

The Indoor Tanning Association found that exposure to sunlight has been linked to improved energy and elevated mood. Some individuals have even reported improvements in Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms. If you could use a little jump-start in the energy department, why not try a tan before or after your workout?

Tans Look Great –

According to a study at Emory University, a lot of us appreciate a good tan. Researchers used Photoshop to add a healthy glow to photos, and the tanned versions were viewed more positively by study participants. A good tan also has the effective of making us look slimmer and giving muscles more definition.
To find out more about the tanning facilities at your local Club Metro USA, use our club locator and contact the health club nearest you.

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